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  • It is the oldest community in West Virginia
  • It served as a bypass for Morgantown to Clarksburg
  • The oldest house was built in the late 1700s
  • Kingmont was originally used for trade using the Tygart River
  • I-79 changed the town
  • Became a city because of the population, annexed in 1995


  • Population is increasing: 2,000 to 3,400 since 1995
  • 165 streets, 75 of which are state roads
  • The Cracker Barrel is the busiest on the east coast
  • A lot of construction of new homes and buildings (hotels, restaurants, filling stations)
  • “Location is key”: not a lot of land to be built on, businesses don’t want to go to an area with no potential
  • Half elderly, half middle aged/younger people
  • Very few low income people (15% of the population)
  • Sidewalk grants were approved
  • Ball field/playground is an on-going project
  • Walking trail around ball park (currently 1/4 mile long), hope to expand it


  • Open, flat land
  • Very residential community
  • Surrounded by mountains (valley)
  • Made up of four subdivisions: Millersville, Pleasant Valley, Benton’s Ferry and Kingmont
  • Pleasant Valley is in Marion county
  • I-79 runs right through
  • Just south of Fairmont
  • Isolated because of Fairmont and Clarksburg


  • Main employers: teachers, small businesses, industrial type businesses, hotels, restaurants, contractors
  • Major industries: John Deere dealership, Thomas Gas & Oil, TMC Technologies, UPS, storage buildings, Sales Electric, Shuck Fabricators, Francis Engineering, Sunbelt, DEP Environmental, O.C. Cluss
  • No real evidence of poverty or unemployment, small houses, large elderly population, most houses had some land/good sized yards
  • No public transportation, all privately owned cars
  • Median household income: $41,871
  • WV average: $40,196


  • Mainly white, large elderly population
  • Mostly middle-class families
  • Six churches (no other religious houses): Benton’s Ferry United Methodist, Kingmont United Methodist, Valley Chapel United Methodist, Church of Christ, Southern Baptist, New Beginnings
  • Well maintained buildings
  • Hotels main meeting places, Municipal Hall, Volunteer Fire house, “Hot spots”
  • Many playground/ball fields, walking parks
  • Well maintained parks/fields


  • Huge road projects: repairing and widening roads, adding sidewalks
  • Municipal building, Post Office, schools
  • Buildings are well maintained
  • No local library
  • No local newspaper


  • YWCA, churches, post office, Community Center in Kingmont, volunteer fire department, hotel meeting rooms, dialysis center, Med Plus, health center, pharmacy, UPS
  • All social services run out of Fairmont or through the county